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After all, you can only find the solution once you have located the problem.Although all of these content issues are important, for the purposes of this presentation, let’s just focus on the first two categories in this list—the title and the abstract. Wong suggests that writers “pay special attention to the quality of writing in the abstract as well as the first paragraph…” We will include the title in this group for good measure.Out 42 papers analyzed, there were crucial flaws to a significant degree in every section.

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Luckily, many of these can be corrected by the authors themselves quite easily.Use the following suggestions as a checklist when outlining, drafting, and editing your abstract: By “writing and composition” we mean the effectiveness with which a paper employs grammar and writing effectively and according to academic standards.Style affects readability, comprehension, and engagement with journal readers.Use this as a checklist while you draft and revise your manuscript.Ask yourself whether your paper contains any of these deficiencies.Although many scientists don’t spend much time considering their titles, many argue that it is the most important part of any book or essay.After all, it the first thing that any reader sees.This (considered tedious and trivial by so many scientists) is of paramount importance to journal editors, who understand that readers judge competency and professionalism in part based on the accuracy and fluency of the articles in their publication.In 2016, Wordvice analyzed several million words in the papers we received in the previous year in order to find out exactly where the most errors occurred and to help our clients understand these errors.Some editors may not even bother to open the manuscript if the title is too long or awkward, or (god forbid) if it has grammar errors.On the other hand, an excellent title can impress peers, increase the chances of peer review, and subsequently increase the number of readers your manuscript will have.


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