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So you really need to practice your grammar and do lots of exercises to improve your knowledge and use of grammar.

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The art of aptly describing what’s on your mind boils down to your writing or speaking abilities.

While writing plain English is no challenge, eliminating the nuances from one’s writing to get the message across adequately is a challenge for many.

Grammarly is easily one of the best online resources to significantly improve your vocabulary and writing skills.

Grammarly is basically an online word processor, which goes beyond your ordinary word processor in correcting your English mistakes.

Verbal language is changing more quickly than written language, so there are instances of "street language" where even native English speakers use incorrect grammar.

This isn't the case in written language, where the language is usually more formal and more structured.While grammar forms an essential aspect of writing, there are more aspects of writing which must be taken off while working on it.Overuse of cliches, adverbs, bulky phrases, etc is some of the examples of poor writing and something which needs to be addressed.It's not really something you can achieve in Immediately, but with hard, efficient work and gradual improvement you should definitely get there.This section has many different articles and resource to help you do just that – learn to write in English!Usually, when you write something, it is for a particular reason, for example to apply for a job or write a letter of complaint.In these cases you are trying to create a positive impression.We, humans are the most expressive creatures in the world, even the most introverted!We make use of both spoken and written words to convey our message across.Grammarly fixes over 250 types of English errors, which the Microsoft Word application could not correct.The app also suggests synonyms for your chosen words to improve the context of the phrase.


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