Writing Dissertation Acknowledgements

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In the academic circles, it is an established norm to give thanks to funding entities, departments, and academic staff who assisted at any stage of the project by either financial or feedback/advice means.

Both the composition and revision assistance should be acknowledged; it is mandatory to include the full names of individuals to whom thanks are expressed, and to make brief statements about specific kind of help you received from them.

You will see few dissertations and academic papers without an acknowledgement page.

The biggest problem is that students do not know how to balance the need for some personalized writing on the acknowledgement page with the dry academic language used throughout the project. You are free to design your acknowledgement page as a single paragraph or a separate page featuring a whole story of your life and how it has changed your vision of the things around you.

However, when it comes to Ph D research, it is highly advisable to check the need for ethical clearance or specific permissions for using information about the funders and supporters of the project. Snow” betrays the entire elegance and style of a serious academic work like a Ph D thesis.

Showing how grateful you are to some individuals who helped you in the dissertation process is not as easy as it might seem. Hence, you have to be creative and involve all your writing talent and skill in the production of an excellent, memorable acknowledgement for dissertation.If the financial support provided was not limited to academic scholarships, than the names of the organizations provided financial aid should be listed in alphabetical order.Leave the most intimate and personal thanks to the end of the acknowledgement piece.Financial aid can come in the form of academic scholarship or a grant from a non-profit organization.In either case, it is your ethical obligation to mention those who have made your project possible.Thus, those interested in how to write an acknowledgement for dissertation may derive many benefits from the following detailed overview of contents and order of this section: “I am especially indebted to ** for his/her invaluable research support and academic advice” “I specifically appreciated **’s extensive personal and professional guidance and provision of precious scientific knowledge” “I would like to give credit to ** for his/her excellent scientist example for me to follow, and goals for me to strive to” “I am indebted to persons with whom I had a pleasure and honor to work during this research progression” “I would especially like to give thanks to ** for assistance with data collection and analysis” “This dissertation might have probably never seen light without **’s technical assistance” “I would like thank ** for financial support and assistance in making my project come to life” “This study might have never happened without the financial aid of this organization” “Nobody has been more important for me in the completion of this project than my family members” “I would like to thank my parents for all their help and support throughout this challenging work” “I wish to give thanks to my wife/husband ** for the inspiration and understanding” These useful phrases may help to write dissertation acknowledgement, while still, it is all a highly personal matter and you should check first whether these specific patterns and clichés suit your individual situation.Don’t forget that the culmination of your research presentation may be a public performance with a speech.You may feel at odds when writing something like "my mother has been hilarious taking me out sometimes to give me a fresh look at things and speed up my learning progress." It is just so intimate! If you do not want to include any elaborate stories, it will be enough to say, "Thank you, Professor Weinstein, for showing the best direction in this work!" You may also want to list everyone you believe stands behind your success in this project.You can also thank other fellow students who reviewed your draft or provided valuable advice to help you avoid the most common mistakes.If you have received any kind of financial support when working on your project, make sure that you list these people and give your thanks to them as well.


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