Write Good Introduction Gp Essay

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Write Good Introduction Gp Essay

In research papers, you will have many sections called chapters.

Point: Being constantly under pressure, quite a few women experienced hysteria attacks in the XIX century.

Evidence: Nora has to dance the mad dance all alone because it is meant to be performed in pairs, and her partner, Torvald, shut himself in the office. Explanation: By performing her wild dance, Nora tries to keep Torvald from discovering Krogstad's blackmail containing her biggest secret. Link: The author chose this particular composition to reflect on the social criticism of his epoch, in which authoritarian males could do whatever they wanted to weaker females because power was the ultimate measure of everything back then.

There can be several points, evidence, and explanations throughout the text, but there should be only one link, and it should be at the end of the PEEL paragraph.

Writing a PEEL paragraph will be easier if you pay attention to this example. "Stating the point: Taking wild animals away from their natural habitats against their will is both unethical and immoral. While in captivity, wild animals get lonely and scared, which causes them to develop the so-called "zoochosis" syndrome.


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