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Without it, life will become meaningless, flat, a useless thing. Work is the prerogative of intelligence, the only means to manhood, and the measure of civilization. Men do not break down from over-work, but from worry and dissipation. A hard working man may till the ground, work at the mill, střike on the anvil, dig, drive, drag and do a lot of other works to keep his body and soul together.

Work, here, does not stand for every sort of activity. The sweeper’s work is as much sacred as that of either a lawyer or a shopkeeper. He may find manual labour hard and tedious, but there is no disrespect attached to it formally.

There are different kinds of work no doubt one requiring more brain and the other more brawn, but that is no reason why one should be regarded as dishonorable or ignoble and other honourable.

Each is a necessity and; therefore, each has its own worth.

King Janaka drove his own plough; the Roman dictators like Cincinnatus found nothing humiliating in tilling their ground and the Czar of Russia worked as a shipwright in the dock of Saardam.

Illustrations may be multiplied to show that the highest men never disdained doing the humblest of works.He further told the man to come back and report to him how he fared after the job entrusted to him.The next day, the man came to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and said that the hard work of felling trees gave him contentment and pleasure.Behind our admiration for Hazrat Khalid bin Walid, Hercules and Samson of old and of the wrestlers and athletes of modern times, there is an unconscious homage to manual labour.We love, patronize and adore them and yet we look down on an ordinary manual labourer. People who appreciate feats of strength have no justification for withholding their praise from that labour which clears jungle, sows the seeds, builds cities and roads and makes life happy and comfortable. Not only to know but also to act according to knowledge is the destination of man.The labourers now march forward to wield the scepter of the world.Behind the vast organization and power of the labouring class in modern times there is this conviction of the intrinsic value of their work.One should work for the love of work and not for money only. It will be better if he works gratefully and not grudgingly. Happy is the man who like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan goes from door to door, bearing the torch of peace and non-violence before a war-torn and disillusioned world.And then constructive work provides us with more joy than a destructive one.It is not only perversity but also base ingratitude which denies dignity to labour. Mere brooding will not do; all ambitions are empty unless materialized. Work done in the right spirit leads to happiness says Bertrand Russell, “Consistent purpose is an almost indispensable condition of a happy life.For example, Churchill was a man of action and he became immortal because of his active and useful services to his nation and to the comity of nations. And consistent purpose embodies itself mainly in work”.


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