World Problems That Need To Be Solved

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If young people could be taught to respect each other for their differences, similarities, and anything in between, then these issues might not even arise.

Also, the topic of women's rights is always a hot one to debate.

It always seems as though hard-core feminists want to bring men down below the level of women, but I don't agree with that.

Women should have equal pay and equal opportunity, but there are simply some physical restrictions that we have to accept.

I believe that there should be more women's teams for different sports if women want to play, but they should not be expected to play on the same level as men.

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I think that women should be allowed to breastfeed in public (especially since every one of you was probably breastfed at some point in your life), but I don't agree with the "free the nipple" campaign simply because we are physically different humans.

While I do consider myself to be a feminist, I do not agree with many of the proclaimed "feminist" acts and rallies that have been occurring in recent history.

I, myself, believe that women should be raised up to men's levels, but men should not be brought down.

While the argument against allowing these bathrooms to be permitted has been for the safety and comfort of non-transgender individuals, I would personally argue that it would be much more beneficial if we did allow bathrooms to be gender neutral.

The biggest concern seems to stem from the female population because they don't want to feel unsafe or uncomfortable if a man walks into the bathroom.


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