Work Safety Course

(20 minutes) The goal of this course is to make employees aware of the hazards that exist in a permit-required confined space and recognize that special precautions, training, and an approved Confined Space Entry Permit or approved Routine Entry Procedures are required for entry.(40 minutes) This course provides supplemental or refresher training from a practical hands-on CPR course on how to respond confidently to a respiratory, cardiac or choking emergency until professional medical help arrives.

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Employees will learn what procedures to follow if they are involved in a fire, including how to operate a fire extinguisher.

Information is given on the types of fire extinguishers and which is appropriate for each class of fire.

(40 minutes – also available in Spanish) This course explains how to identify materials that contain asbestos and how to recognize signs of damage and deterioration.

Also, will describe what a fiber release episode is and how to respond to one.

(30 minutes) This course will teach employees how to identify confined spaces and the hazards they present.

They will learn the procedures to use before entering a confined space, the safety precautions to take when in a confined space, and the requirements for rescue.

(30 minutes – also available in Spanish) This course provides training on the hazards of contact with body fluids.

It describes the diseases most commonly transmitted through blood and bodily fluids, explains how employees can become infected by bloodborne pathogens, describes effective methods of prevention that reduce the risk of being exposed to bloodborne pathogens, and what to do if you are exposed to a bloodborne pathogen.

(25 minutes – M-561) After taking this course, you will be able to: identify cold stress hazards that can exist on the job; identify the nature, symptoms, and treatment of cold stress; and recognize the precautions for protecting against cold stress. (40 minutes) In this course employees will learn the safe and proper handling of compressed gas cylinders.

They will learn how to identify the contents of a compressed gas cylinder, what to do if a cylinder is improperly marked or labeled, and the safety precautions for using regulators with compressed gas cylinders.


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