Wife Of Bath Essay Conclusion

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Imagine being viewed as a temptress and creator of sin who destroyed men by your seductive nature.

That's what life was like for women during medieval times.

However, he was repulsed by the old woman's age and lack of beauty and expressed his feelings to her.

The old woman assured her husband that because she is not beautiful or desirable she will remain loyal to him.

Her fourth husband had a mistress, which she despised and caused her to make him jealous.

She believed her fifth husband was her true love even though he married her for money and made her life difficult by beating her.The Wife of Bath saw this as a victory over her fifth husband, and she remained a faithful wife to him until his death.These experiences taught the Wife of Bath that a marriage is happiest when a wife has control.She believes that nagging men is one way for women to get what they want from men.For example, she criticized one of her husbands who complained of her spending practices.She makes several references to the Bible to justify her beliefs and explains she does not feel God should condemn those who marry multiple times.She admits to being imperfect and does not believe virginity is a virtue for everyone as described in the Bible.The old woman gives the knight the choice of having her as a wife or a younger, more beautiful woman and he leaves the choice to her.As a result of his answer, and her ability to gain control of him, she asks him to kiss her, and she became young and beautiful and they lived happily ever after.The Wife of Bath is one of the most popular characters in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.The primary reasons for her popularity is her expression of her feelings regarding marriage and the expectations of women during medieval times.


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