Why I Want To Become A Fashion Designer Essay

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After I graduate I plan on opening my own little boutique.

The general employment outlook in your area (how likely are you to find a job in the next 2-5 years in this career)?

A designer is often inspired by their culture and the trends surrounding their everyday lives.

In order to create a garment being motivated or inspired can help a great deal.

I’m not taking very many classes to prepare for my future career although I am taking art 2-D Fundamentals.

Why I Want To Become A Fashion Designer Essay Parts Of Thesis Research Methodology

It somewhat involves an area of fashion designing, that area being sketching. The magazine is a source of fashion trends, and beauty secrets and such things like so.Many paint their thoughts on paper, and some use modern computer software. A designer is not just a person who can draw something or think of something.It is a full-fledged creative personality that has a broad outlook and knowledge in various areas.Often it happens that a person literally fountains ideas from the inside, but because of neglect or other factors can not express them clearly and clearly. My goals are to create clothing that is for all sizes, ages, and genders.My dream job is a fashion designer Design is a fairly broad concept, so there are many areas in it, which, in turn, are divided into smaller branches.For example, the design of clothing includes new ideas for shoes, jewelry, hats, accessories, models of children’s, women’s or men’s fashion.To become a fashion designer there are many duties to take on.One is attending a college that consists of 1 to 4 years of learning for that specific career.Thanks to her inside of the light head, wonderful ideas come to life, innovative ideas are swarming.Fantasy makes it possible not only to build on the basis of already invented, but also to invent new forms of expression. What would the new people think of if they thought the same way and were ashamed of their ideas that differed from others? Absolutely all inventions and discoveries took place thanks to brave people who were not afraid to share their thoughts.


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