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And it is their support which makes feel confident about everything. My mother is not a well educated but she compete other educated person they are fail to maintain their family but my mother do it very well so my mother inspires me a lot. Actually, I am from the village where no one's parent allows their children for higher studies but my parent does. Much is learnt by observing the day in and day out. Much is learnt by observing them day in and day out.And I am only one from my village who is doing graduation. Honesty, hard work, perseverance, discipline and devotion was seen in them. I would say they have always permitted us to do whatever we wanted. Honesty, hard work, perseverance, discipline and devotion was seen in them. I would say they have always permitted us to do what ever we wanted. Because he gave me the strength to achieve something in my life.I think that a person needs grand idealized role models, as well as individuals whom one knows well in order to have a really constructive font of beneficial inspiration in life.

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But I don't seem to feel much need for outside inspiration any more.

I think your own unconscious can be the source of the greatest inspiration, whereas outsiders may only inspire you to imitate them.

He is also best friend because he always suggest me as a friend when I make a wrong filthy mistake. As a result, I am more competitive and eager to learn and achieve as much as I can in life.

Some of the qualities I like in her is determination, Intelligence, hardworking, kindness etc. She supported me at every important decision in my life.

I turned 12 in 1968, and went from an elementary school to a combination junior/senior high school.

All of a sudden, I went from a protected, child-like existence to one in which the boys who were not going to college the next year were probably going to Vietnam.

My father is a great inspiration for me as he supported me in every point of my life.

My father has never let me fall down and always kept at top. He is only one who handles all the situation of our family and school and he inspired me how to handle every sittuation what can you do in a difficult situation.

My father is my inspiration because he always show me the path from nothing to everything.

He alwalys guides me to achieve success in every matter of life. She never believed in the words " it's impossible " or " I can't ".


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