What Is The Purpose Of An Academic Research Paper

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This is not to disparage you, but merely to be open and transparent.Reading papers is difficult, there are no two ways about it.Many of these new developments are found and first revealed in academic research articles.

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This makes perfect sense as those are the areas of a paper that require the most knowledge of a field to get through. What is it exactly that makes going through this process so difficult and time consuming? Here is a hilarious article written on the horrors of reading papers by Dr. It shows even scientists can agree that papers are both difficult to read and given how dense they are, will keep you regular.

Clearly there is a lot to consider when reading a paper. Think about this, the more papers you read, the more you will learn and the faster this process of reading becomes. I recommend finding people either in person or online to discuss the paper.

It also means they know their field very well, thereofore, the introduction and abstract have less importance.

Early stage Ph D students find the methods, results, and figures fairly difficult to understand.

An interesting point is how the various career stages view the importance of each section.

Methods, Results and figures seem to be very important, ostensibly because as they have greater skill in their field, allowing them to be critical of a paper’s methods.The goal here is to democratize academia, just a bit, and provide you with a scaffolding to apply when walking through a paper.The way I read papers is not significantly unique, but it is effective and has served me well.Trends start cropping up into plain view, and you begin to gain insight into the scientific method, understand what certain authors and groups are working on, and form an appreciation for the field you are learning about. Start a journal club with a goal of getting through 1–2 papers a month.Over time all of this knowledge and skill builds into your ability to read papers quicker, more efficiently and with greater success. Are any of the authors familiar, do you know their previous work? What key terms and concepts do I not know and need to look up in a dictionary, textbook, or ask someone? The amount of extra insight I have gained from discussing a paper with a friend is immense. the only thing better than suffering through a paper alone, is suffering through it with friends!Learning to read papers is akin to learning to eat. How do these results fit into the context of other research and their 'field'? Explain each figure and discuss their significance.10. On another note there was a good article written by Keshav³ on how to read a paper.It is messy at first, and your palette is not very well developed. Can the results be reproduced and is there any code available? He introduces and explores a three phrase approach that might be of some interest to you. You can find papers primarily from several sources: As you begin to read more papers you are going to want to store them somewhere.But over time your eating experience enhances and you learn more about what you like and don’t like and when a chef’s meal is good and poor. The overwhelming majority of papers follow, more or less, the same convention of organization: When you sit down to read it’s important to have a plan. Tossing PDFs into a folder on your drive is all well and good, but there are creature comforts missing.Simply starting to read from page one to the end will probably do you no good. Most researchers and grad students use a reference manager.Asterisks above data points indicate significant differences in response compared with the previous career stage as determined by Mann-Whitney post-hoc tests.progresses into their career, the easier they find each section of a paper to read.


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