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They use data from Wake County to conduct ongoing studies and make new recommendations, for magnet school assignment, for instance.

They use data from Wake County to conduct ongoing studies and make new recommendations, for magnet school assignment, for instance.

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“When Wake County Schools contemplates changes,” Hammond said, “we can look in the data to see whether such a change might be good or bad.” Hammond appreciates how the researchers have facilitated the collaboration between policymakers and economists.So he picked up the phone and set up a meeting with the person in charge of student assignment in the Wake County system.That meeting started an ongoing relationship between WCPSS and Hammond, and two of his Poole College colleagues: Associate Professor Thayer Morrill and Assistant Professor Umut Dur, both of whom are theoretical economists.Some families took a strategic approach by manipulating their true preferences.They listed their top choice as the school at which they had the highest WCPSS priority score, even if they preferred another high-demand school.“It was weighted toward sophisticated parents who knew strategic incentives,” Hammond said.“Parents who didn’t play that strategic incentive potentially were at a disadvantage.(Private schools only educate about one-tenth of the county's school-aged children.) WCPSS is a rare example of a large school district that is racially and economically diverse and is "alone among large districts across the nation in persisting with a diversity policy as a central feature" (106).Student assignments—either parent-initiated ones (applying to district magnet schools) or district-mandated ones (requiring attendance at a school to balance student populations along racial or economic lines)—form the heart of this policy.Using data from the school system, we had a cleaner way to ask questions.” The old assignment process further disadvantaged students whose parents were not sophisticated by keeping them out of the best schools that could give them a better quality education.“If your assignment process puts those at-risk students at a further disadvantage,” Hammond said, “you’re making it even harder for them to succeed.” Using different algorithms is only one way that WCPSS experiments with leveling the playing field.


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