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It requires rapid movements of the vocal apparatus to ensure smooth transitions from one consonant to another.

For the very young child, sequences of consonants may be too difficult to pronounce in rapid succession.

Also, rate of epenthesis increased with accuracy of detecting sibilants and coronal segments, sounds characterized by salient consonant noise.

Taken together, these results indicate a perceptual mechanism that evaluates segmental content and prosodic structure from an integrated percept.

Previous models include those in which epenthesis is seen as a strategy to mitigate the effects of coda licensing restrictions in the L1; others see epenthesis as a result of misperception of consonant releases in the L2 as indicating the presence of an additional syllable nucleus.

The current study examines segmental identification and syllable counting in inexperienced Korean learners of English as a foreign language. Increased perceptual epenthesis correlated with increased identification of a segment as voiceless, indicating a joint perception of voicelessness and an epenthetic vowel.The analysis of additional languages allows for solid typological generalizations.In addition, a diachronic study of epenthesis in Sranan provides insight into how insertion patterns develop historically.Free shipping for non-business customers when ordering books at De Gruyter Online. Large loanword corpora in Shona, Sranan, Samoan and Kinyarwanda are analyzed statistically, and the patterns are modeled in a version of Optimality Theory which introduces constraints on autosegmental representations.The focus of this book is on English loans in Shona, providing an in-depth empirical and formal analysis of epenthesis in this language.Prices in GBP apply to orders placed in Great Britain only.Prices in € represent the retail prices valid in Germany (unless otherwise indicated). Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. While it is commonly assumed that languages epenthesize context-free default vowels, this book shows that in loanword adaptation, several strategies are found which interact intricately.as "FIL-um," with two syllables, you've committed epenthesis.It isn't a punishable offense-in fact, it's not an offense at all.The word epenthesis comes from epi "in addition to" and en "in" and thesis "putting".Epenthesis may be divided into two types: excrescence or vyanjanabhakti (; from Sanskrit) for the addition of a vowel. The phonotactics of a given language may discourage vowels in hiatus or consonant clusters, and a consonant or vowel may be added to make pronunciation easier.


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