Voting Is An Important Act Of Citizenship Essay

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The school system should value important suffragettes just as much as presidents so people are more aware of the suffrage and then they would be more likely to want to vote.

It also isn’t fair to many underprivileged or oppressed people all over the world who would give anything for the right to vote, but are denied the important opportunity that we so readily throw away.

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SHAVONNE JOHNSON INDIANAPOLIS, IN Born: 1979 Essay themes: Political education, outreach to young people from older generations, young people's responsibility JENNIFER MARTY SYRACUSE, IN College student Born: 1980 Essay themes: Perceived lack of voter influence, college student accessibility SARA NIEDERHAUS GREENFIELD, IN High school student Born: 1981 Essay themes: Life styles more busy than ever before, voter education classes DANIEL TWEEDALL II EVANSVILLE, IN High school student Born: 1982 Essay theme: Electoral College ANN BUTKIEWIC TERRE HAUTE, IN High school student Born: 1982 Essay themes: Teen forum with candidates, increased accessibility of registration information, making voting easier Voting is perhaps the most important part of our Democratic government.

Other times a candidate has a lead in advance polls, so voters that would come out figure the decision has already been made.

In those elections, the underdog may win if his supporters come out and the leading candidate's crew fails to vote.

Still others believe that they are only one person and cannot make a difference.

If many people took that view, and many do, it could mean hundreds of votes lost. Some races come down to the last fifty or one hundred votes.


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