University Case Studies In Public Policy And Management

Eight cases written by the Center have been selected to be translated into English and used by the John F. The Center has developed a set of complete and clear procedures on case writing.

Each case writer shall conduct a case study including literature review and field work.

The Center has delivered six training programs for different academic institutions.

The programs have been proved to be valuable for their faculty members to make good use of case teaching method and improve the quality of their classroom teaching.

Contact Information for Case Related Affairs: China Case Center for Public Policy & Management School of Public Policy and Management Tsinghua University Beijing, P.

University Case Studies In Public Policy And Management Hunger S Thesis

When I did my MBA coursework at The University of British Columbia, we used the case study method for several courses.

All faculty members and students of the SPPM may participate in case writing according to their own interests.

Up to now two casebooks on Public Management in China have been published by Tsinghua University Press .

Most of the cases that have been produced that I am aware of are either in English (check the amazing collection of the Electronic Hallway at the Evans School of Public Affairs, which I’ve used before when I taught in Canada) or in Spanish, but too old (the 2000 Cabrero book is well, 14 years old).

My goal for the fall (I’m teaching State-and-Local Government, and Regional Development) is to use case studies to assess how my students learn.


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