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I chose Criminology as a major to pursue JAG (Judge Advocate General) in the United States Air Force to become an attorney.

Choosing Criminology will allow me to become educated with how the criminal justice system functions.

Over the years I have worked as a volunteer and been involved in other activities which would prove to be helpful in varying conditions. Francis House in Gainesville to help the homeless people cook.

I have also worked in the Vibrant communities to plant gardens so that the environment is kept clean.

The basic issue under focus is of course that of merit versus preferences.

The legacy admissions are of two kinds- admissions given to the off springs of alumni and admissions given...But, they have also said at Few students are admitted purely on academic merit.While the potential for academic success is a primary consideration, UF's comprehensive holistic application review also considers personal essays, academic awards, extracurricular activities, family background and home community.I enrolled as a student at Santa Fe College (it’s a community college in Gainesville) and became an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet at Detachment 150 located on the University of Florida’s campus.The knowledge and skills I have gained from being both a student and a cadet have made me realize what I would like to do with my life.Argument Synthesis Introduction Legacy admissions have been a bone of contention among the educationists, media and the society as a whole, and had emerged as a topic of public attention in the early part of the decade, 2000.While examining two articles that came in the year 2008 on this topic, namely, Legacy Admissions are Defensible Because the Process Can’t be “Fair” by Thomas and Shepard (2008) and So Your Dad Went to Harvard by Megalli (2008), it becomes clear that the subject has its own positive and negative effects on our educational system.Here comes in the question of legacy admissions and justice.Typically when speak of justice you would assume that all people would be treat with fairness, equity and impartiality; however in the case of the legacy admissions......Giving legacy applicants preferred treatment in the admissions process is an indefensible practice because due to this action, many meritorious applicants are deprived of their due right to admissions. With the growing competition in pretty much all parts of life, it isn’t a surprise that education too has becoming an avenue of great contest.All parents and students alike want to be part of the best universities and colleges; a good education has become the cornerstone to leading a successful life.


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