Two Kinds Literary Analysis Essay

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One example of this is when I was faced with the choice to either call the police or not when I spotted shoplifting in Washington D. I was in so much shock that I In Literary Criticism, there is an idea that believes that Archetypes make up literature’s meaning.She couldn't stand to look at herself in the mirror when all she saw looking back was this "ordinary girl," which ultimately caused her to rebel and believe that she was unable to make anything of herself.The point of view in this short story is first person.Then she played the song next to it with great satisfaction.“And after I played them both a few times, I realized they were two halves of the same song.” (Tan, pg.After Jing-mei’s mother dies, in the end, she went back to the piano.Jing-mei began to play the song that caused the breaking point of her relationship with her mother.Tan writes about two songs played by Jing-mei, “Perfectly Contented” and “Pleading Child.” In the story the faster and aggressive song, “Pleading Child”, best represents the mother, and the slower happier song, “Perfectly Contented”, represents Jing-mei. “Just like you,” she said, “Not the best because you are not trying.” (Tan, pg. Everytime her mother snapped at her to try harder, she snapped back.Jing-mei was happy just being herself, but, unfortunately, her mother expected more. 35) She tried everything in her power to make Jing-mei talented in some way. “For unlike my mother, I did not believe I could do anything I wanted to be. 41) Because of Jing-mei’s different view she and her mother began to fight a lot.The concept of Archetypes in literature has been the subject of extensive examination in Literary Criticism. 13 makes Socrates "Apology" the first milestone in the history of criticism is simply this: that there Socrates pointed out that criticism is a distinct species of literary activity, and also why it is distinct.“Criticism can be broken down into two broad categories: evaluative and interpretive” (Gardner 1287). The realm of literature is occupied by the activities of three distinct powers: the power to create, the power to enjoy and the power to criticize.


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