Thurgood Marshall Essay

One of his first big cases was against the University of Maryland.Marshall remembered how they would not admit him because of his race.While at college he enjoyed being on the debate team and joined the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

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Marshall argued that separate schools could not be equal.

In a landmark decision for the Civil Rights Movement, Marshall won the case showing that segregation in schools was unconstitutional.

While serving on the Supreme Court, Marshall championed the rights of the individual. He retired in 1991 and was replaced by another African-American judge, Clarence Thomas.

Legacy Thurgood Marshall died of heart failure on January 24, 1993.

Instead, Marshall went to law school at Howard University where he finished first in his class, graduating in 1933.

Working as a Lawyer After graduating and passing the bar exam, Marshall opened a small law practice in Baltimore.After graduating from Lincoln, Marshall wanted to attend the University of Maryland.However, their law school would not admit him because he was African-American.His father, William, worked as a steward at an all-white country club. His grandfather was a slave who gained his freedom by escaping from the South during the Civil War.Going to School Marshall was a good student in school, but often got into trouble for misbehaving.Marshall maintains that the framers were individuals who either compromised their own moral beliefs or were obvious hypocrites. Marshall does not believe the United States is an impressive nation because of its Constitution and its founders, but rather it is only recently noble because of those individuals who "suffer[ed], stuggle[d], and sacrifice[d]" (Marshall 304) for freedom and turned the tide of popular opinion.Marshall's draws his logical conclusions from specific events in U. Marshall views the bicentennial celebration as "oversimplified" and believes it it "overlook[s] the many other events that have been instrumental to our achievement as a nation" (Marshall 303).This caused Marshall to want to become a lawyer, even though his parents had hoped he would follow in his older brother's footsteps and become a dentist.Marshall attended college at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.He left a legacy of using the law and the Constitution to fight for the rights of all people.He broke down racial barriers, including achieving one of the highest positions in the government as a member of the Supreme Court.


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