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These are only some examples from his remarkable activity.Nevertheless, meanwhile he said that he hated political parties: “If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all” (Jefferson, 1996) Supporting the strictness of the Constitution, he appropriated Louisiana territory and dominated over it as a monarch.

These are only some examples from his remarkable activity.

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Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the USA, the main author of the Declaration of Independence and a prominent political philosopher, was known as an exceptionally contradictory person.

His views changed according to the situation and at the same time he could act contrary to his words and expressed opinions.

This embargo would not only bar all American ships from trading with Britain and France, it stopped trade overseas completely.

Jefferson believed that while keeping Americans safe, he was also punishing Britain and France for their threats against America.

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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.Jefferson was convinced that he should act immediately.Jefferson consulted his cabinet and close officers and decided to ask Congress to pass an embargo.It was clear that the British did not want American trade to support the French, and the French did not want trade going to the British.This dilemma was considered an extreme priority; economy, foreign relations, and American lives were all at stake.These events and the specific actions taken by Jefferson while in office adversely affected the social and economical steadiness of the nation, creating a political imbalance that—by the end of Jefferson’s second term—led to the War of 1812.The year was 1807, and the British and French had been at war with each other for around fifteen years. Although the United States remained relatively uninvolved in the Napoleonic Wars up until this point, Britain announced that their naval fleet would be more aggressive in their policy of reclaiming deserted British soldiers who were now working on American ships.Still, till now there is no the only right answer to this enigmatic question.Some historians consider such controversial character to be typical for all Americans and state it as a characteristic feature of the nation.His contribution into the development of the USA was immense; he really loved America and tried to do everything for the public good.He created a political party that united all branches of government, he improved American legislation and tried to set an example for the whole country by his governing at Virginia State, he inspired two political revolutions that changed the life of Americans gently and peacefully and during his retirement he established the University of Virginia.


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