Thesis Planning Schedule

He received his Ph D in English Literature and Medieval Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014.

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So: 152 words X 3 days per week = 456 words per week 3000 words in Chapter 3 / 456 words per week = about 6.6 weeks Round that up to a whole number, 7 weeks should be planned to get me to the shitty first draft of Chapter 3. Personally, I am a pretty strong writer, so most of my chapters only had a few versions before they were final (Fragments Towards First Draft, First Draft, Revised Draft, Final).

Do you need to give your draft to an editor of some sort? Do you only need to give it to your main advisor, or does every member of your committee want to sign off on every round of revision? Some of my peers had upwards of 6-10 rounds of revisions on chapters though.

There is no law that states you much write Chapter 1, then 2, then 3, and so on…

In fact, I would suggest that you do not even attempt to write them in order.

Now, working back from your defense date, give yourself at least 2 weeks for preparing your defense presentation.

We are now 6 weeks before the Electronic Thesis Due date.

They are generally about a week apart (except for Fall semester, when they are two weeks apart due to Thanksgiving). I suggest that you nail down your defense date at least 4 weeks before your thesis is due.

This gives you time for editing, revisions and formatting.

I started with Chapter 4, which was all of my research methodology and preliminary research. All I had to do was dump it into Scrivener and flush it out with sentences for bullet points, paragraphs for connecting ideas and structure the content a bit more. Seems counter-intuitive since the chapter is so short and straight forward, I know.

Nearly every person I have spoke with on this subject though has stated that they ended up having to completely rewrite large portions of their first chapter later because the things they discovered and contributed in their final chapters were not the things they thought they would be when they first wrote the first chapter. You now know this and you will only write some guiding bullet-points as needed for chapter 1 and wait until the end to really complete this.


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