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Davis PDF An Improved Numerical Method for Assessing Cell Elasticity from Atomic Force Microscopy Nanoindentation Data, Jared Alexander Feindt PDF Simulation and Optimal Integration of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator with Solar Thermal Energy, Tianjun Han PDF Upstream Influence of Axisymmetric Bodies on Trailing Line Vortices, Tanya Sarah Johnson PDF Effects of Free-stream Turbulence on Tidal Turbine Blade Performance and Wake, Angela Marie Lawrence PDF Investigation of elastoplastic ratchetting behavior of Stainless Steel 316 under cyclic uniaxial asymmetric loading at room temperature, Sirui Li PDF Design and Manufacturing of a High Performance Indoor Quadcopter, Guangyi Liu PDF Mechanoregulation Modeling of Bone Healing in Realistic Fracture Geometries, Tianyi Ren PDF A Design Proposal for a Novel Gun-Launched Unmanned Aerial System, Douglas Bahr Rumbaugh, Jr.In the case of structural weldments, the procedure for estimating fatigue life requires information concerning geometry of the object, loads and material.Improvements in the accuracy of the results andthe efficiency of the analysis for plates with openings have beenachieved.

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The behaviour of steel plates and reinforced concrete slabs whichundergo large deflections has been investigated using the finiteelement method.

Geometric and material nonlinearities are bothconsidered in the study.

A new tool has been developed with Aurora Flight Sciences to automate stress analysis of beams under loading.

It is a Microsoft Excel based tool to be consistent with Aurora's other analysis tools and analyst preference, and is coded in Visual Basic.

The non-linear through thickness stress distribution and the weight function method can be used for the determination of stress intensity factors and for the analysis of subsequent fatigue crack growth.

Accurate peak stress estimation requires 3D fine mesh finite element (FE) models, accounting for the micro-geometrical features, such as the weld toe angle and weld toe radius.

It features ten chapters, figures and tables discussing the history of thin-shell and Monolithic Domes, shell theory, finite element analysis, comparisons of shell theories and a buckling analysis.

Figure 9-14 from thesis: Controlling Buckling Eigenvalue λ = 141 for 101.5 ft.

Basic stress resultants are developed from membrane theory as presented by David P. The finite element analysis process (FEA) is discussed as well as an introduction to NE/NASTRAN, a finite element analysis program.

Comparisons of stress resultants between shell theory and FEA are made for a hemispherical dome, a truncated, hemispherical dome, and a non-hemispherical dome.


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