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Finally, in ‘Marc Rothemund’s Sophie Scholl — Die letzten Tage (2005)’, Elizabeth M.Ward explores the portrayal of resistance and the figure of Sophie Scholl in Rothemund’s Sophie Scholl — The Final Days.

Finally, in ‘Marc Rothemund’s Sophie Scholl — Die letzten Tage (2005)’, Elizabeth M.

The hidden meaning through which the poet tries to convey his message to the readers is that passion is extremely essential in love but what is more important is the fact that purity should also be there.

He wants the young people who are deeply in love to understand the fact that if God forbid, someday their love is devoid of passion ,will they still be madly in love with each other as they were before.

Ward considers Sophie Scholl as an example of an ‘historical film’, examining, and problematising, its depiction of Sophie and the resistance group.

Questions are often asked about the extent to which the White Rose had an ‘impact’.

The rosebuds are cream in color thus representing the significance of purity in love but its tips are red because love should also be surrounded by an optimum amount of lust for the happiness of the couple concerned.

This poem cannot be termed as being traditional by any means; people might term it so because of its excessive stress on pure love but they should also note that the poet also speaks about the significance of lust in a love life. The poem beautifully explains the balance between love and lust and also explains that love should be coated by a little bit of lust just as the cream white rosebud was surrounded with red tips.

The poet wants the youngsters in this age of technology to understand the significance of pure and true love in their mechanical lives.

The rosebud he gives to his lover is ready to transfer the love that the poet intends to send.

The People's Court knows that it is at one with our soldiers in this decision.

Through their treason to our Volk, the accused have forever forfeited their citizenship.


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