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The man regrets only destroying the 'Insinkerator', which he used to mangle another piece of equipment.The Insinkerator, a sink drain disposal, he says, was a machine with a good solid purpose which did not disturb him with its functions, did not demand his attention, which only functioned when he asked it to.There is music coming from every direction; each person, it seems, is listening to classical music, talking on a phone, using a computer, or communicating constantly in some other way.

Ray Bradbury explores this idea in his short story “The Utterly Perfect Murder”.

This story, set in the main character, Doug’s, hometown is about a grown man seeking revenge on his childhood bully enemy.

Doug finds himself in a very difficult situation and he cant decide whether to do what he knows is right and not except this foolish trade, or what he wants to do because of his longing for Ralph’s friendship.

When Doug begins to him reminisce about these memories we see he’s changed a little bit.

He tries to solve this conflict within himself by blaming everything on Ralph.

This only makes things worse by reversing that anger to Ralph causing Doug to decide to kill him.

In "The Pedestrian", Ray Bradbury has decided to make a statement on the possible outcome of these advances. D, walking at night has become- abnormal and unacceptable. It, to, can be read as a metaphor of how society deals with people who are different and intellectual, both in today?

Through clever characterisation, themes and imagery, he shows that if society advances too greatly, then mankind may as well terminate itself. Mead in isolated surroundings voices his opinions aloud, maybe to release his aggravation or frustration.

In this story Bradbury portrays the idea that people must resolve their past emotional conflicts before being able to gain self-acceptance.

Recalling his past humiliations with Ralph, Doug uses this as a source of self-criticism.


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