The Definitive Business Plan

First of all, if you’ve never worked in the food sector before, it’s worth getting some experience.Try different roles so you understand what’s required in each one.

But it’s also hard work, and involves a lot of preparation.

There’s a lot of different things to get ready and consider.

The Definitive Business Series will ensure you get up to speed fast with all the business essentials you need to be a success.

With their guided step-by-step approach the latest practical business techniques and concepts and their easy-to-read style, The Definitive Business Series cover every aspect of the topic from the business basics to the essential skills needed to progress in your career.

This book lives on my desk while I am reviewing or writing business plan documents, it has a unique ability to mix theory with practical advice and I would recommend it to anybody to follow along while writing your next business plan.

My advice is to actually work your way through the book alongside writing your business plan, this will ensure you follow the best practise and not miss anything.

Understandably, many people don’t know where to begin.

To help, we’ve created the ultimate guide on how to start a restaurant.

Accessible to the newcomer and detailed enough for the experienced planner, the third edition of this international bestseller explains how to tailor a plan for specific readerships and meet specific objectives, helping you to focus your attention on strategic planning as well as on operational controls.

This new edition has been completely updated throughout.


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