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’ as America during the 1950’s was known for its stableness and its economic roar in which all countries of America were invested in. Williams uses the conversation between the Negro adult female and Eunice to demo that racial ethnicities mix easy in Elysian Fields.strange for 1950’s America during which racial segregation was the norm and the battle for racial equality had merely started.Her reaction to Stanley’s wild mode is about unconcern in a manner that signifies it is usual for her to be treated in such a manner.

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Williams’ begins the scene with a description of New Orleans’ Elysian Fields ; the town in which it is set.

It seems old and somewhat hapless which begs the audience to inquire the inquiry ‘why? The subdivision is described as holding a ‘raffish charm’ unlike most other American metropoliss – Williams uses this to propose a more insouciant life style in Elysian Fields.

Their reactions to each other reveal to the audience their most cardinal traits and Williams’ descriptions of them hint at their upbringings. This gives him a really beastly mode about him and it is clear he is no gentleman.

Their gestures and actions indicate to the audience how they feel towards other characters and his descriptions of the characters give the audience penetration into their history. He besides doesn’t truly bother to state Stella where he is traveling until she asks him ; to the audience he is seen as a adult male who is non thoughtful towards his wife’s feelings and her programs.

Stanley describes himself as ‘unrefined’ to Blanche – this is about a perfect word for the boylike hubby bowling title-holder. it isn’t without much idea as to why Stella is upset.

once more demoing the audience the manner he can sometimes be boorish and intimations that she is in love with him far more than he is with her.His physical description is that of an attractive adult male. Stanley is described as holding an air of ‘animal joy’ about him – this illuminates his beastly idiosyncrasies and possibly suggests the manner he treats Stella is both petroleum and inhumane. every bit much as the audience can anticipate from a adult male such as Stanley.He is described as a adult male who is really much representative of the full male species of human and really normal in that he loves ‘good nutrient and drink and games. his radio’ Williams concludes his description of Stanley with mention to Stanley’s attitude towards adult females saying clearly that he is a adult male who Judgess on expressions ‘with sexual mention. This could propose that Stanley finds Blanche attractive.like holding a sister-in-law over for a long piece.Stanley takes off his shirt in forepart of Blanche demoing he hasn’t got much in the manner of shame or humbleness.The audience immediately becomes sympathetic towards Stella.Stella’s short conversation with Eunice shows she has a concern for her friends and is a polite and good mannered adult female doing it apparent of her background.The manner Stella has to catch up to Stanley as he makes his manner to the bowling back street with his friend Mitch is possibly a symbolic manner for Williams to present the nature of Stella and Stanley’s relationship ; her trailing him.and him with his dorsum to her non caring whether she comes or non.Williams is seeking to convey that the topographic point in which the drama is set is unlike any other topographic point in America.a topographic point where formalities are about all forgotten.


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