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The three films that will be analyzed will focus on the need for care, harmony and guidance in the family for normal teenage development In the Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield, has an unsettled teenage as evidenced by his truancy from school and inappropriate entertainment activities in New York.It’s evident that Holden is not at peace with his parents.

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Bender’s family lacks harmony, care and guidance and the abusive nature that characterizes his family does little to help. This essay on Effects on Teenagers: Dysfunctional Families and Family Violence was written and submitted by user Brynlee Mueller to help you with your own studies.

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These teenagers’ problems are a stark indicator of broken relationships with their parents.

Brian and Claire should be proud of their virginity but lack of guidance and encouragement from parents has led to believe virginity is something to be ashamed of.

A common assumption about teens is that they are ill tempered, unpredictable and spoilt people.

Their life s characterizes by sexual awakening and crises about confidence and identity (Bynoe 45).For instance, Allison is a compulsive liar while Brian and Claire are not proud of their virginity.Bender is a bully who comes from an abusive household.Though it children are socialized to become responsible adults capable of making right choices.Due to the primacy that the family holds in a child’s development, many of the developments that take place directly affect their growth and development (Purcell 53).Its safe to assume that his dysfunctional family is the reason he lacks the care and understanding that someone his age needs.He seems to vent his frustrations and anger at people as evidenced with his charge at the police.It’s therefore safe to conclude that teen angst is more or less an act of life.The angst is chiefly brought by development of new body features, introduction to sex, access to new freedoms and youth idealism (Cifeli 56).However what points to the absence of a a cozy relationship between him and his parents is the fact that he escapes and goes to a New York hotel instead of home/ he only goes home when his parents are not present.His imagination as the sole guardian of numerous children in rye fields is an indication of the inner needs of care and guidance he lacks, probably stemming from an early age as an adult.


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