T Mobile Business Plans Unlimited

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The exception is unlimited-data subscribers, who will only get the guarantee for two years.

"Unlimited is a world in and of itself; I can't pretend to tell you the ten-year view on Unlimited," Legere said.

T-Mobile is "doubling down" on its single, unlimited data plan -- T-Mobile One -- by making it super confusing.

Let me explain: On August 18, T-Mobile announced that it was killing all of its current data plans in favor of a "single, unlimited data plan" called T-Mobile One.

Go above 19 lines, and you pay $15 each; above 1,000 lines, they become $10 each. T-Mobile charges by the gigabyte for pooled data for businesses: $4.75 each for the first 500 GB, $4.50 after 500 GB, and then $4.25 after 1 TB.

There are no overages, and businesses are just charged by the gigabyte of use.Families of new business customers will be able to sign up for personal lines with the first line discounted from to /month plus data, he said.Individual T-Mobile customers, meanwhile, will see any promotional plan they're on made permanent, with a guarantee that rates will only go down, not up."70 percent of business customers say [the buying process] isn't transparent enough ...the best price is the only price, for everyone," he said.The price drops to per month for the second line and per month (with Auto Pay turned on) for each additional line, for up to eight lines.It offers unlimited text, talk and data -- but here are the limitations: Limits: If you have the base unlimited plan and you would like to view video -- like Netflix, You Tube and so on -- in 1080p HD instead of 480p, you can purchase a 24-hour HD Day Pass for . Because T-Mobile's base unlimited plan is not actually unlimited, you can purchase the T-Mobile One Plus unlimited plan (which is...By the way, existing T-Mobile users are not required to switch over to the new plans and may keep their current plan for the time being.The base unlimited plan (which is actually full of limits) starts at per month for the first line.Legere acknowledged that T-Mobile is still expanding its coverage."We have some rural edge, some in-building penetration that is still stuff we're working on," he said.


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