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Try to think of a hobby or interest you have that not many others share, or that reveals a lot of information about your unique personality.It doesn’t have to be anything super impressive, it just needs to help admissions officers get to know you. I’d learn how to change a tire, clear a clogged shower drain, and create a budget.The Internet, and especially social media, makes it easier than ever to absorb a set of beliefs without encountering criticism.

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Most of all, I’d learn how to cook outside the confinements of microwaved pizza rolls.

My love of food is belied by my lack of culinary proficiency.

MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech, for instance, or the signing of the Declaration of Independence, are likely to be popular topics. Aunts, uncles, second-cousins, and the seamstress down the street fled to escape the war. For this question, it’s a good idea to get some feedback from friends and family members. I’m starting my exploration with contemporary music.

Your answer to this question should also tell admissions officers something about your interests, talents, and passions.

I am also interested in the case-based learning approach, as it cultivates meaningful and memorable understanding of concepts.

High-level engagement in the classroom is something I am looking forward to at Stanford.I was fascinated with the intricacy of laws that must be enforced to maintain a fair market. I grew up listening to Vietnamese music and nothing else, so pop culture is still a little foreign to me.For this question, try to avoid a topic that you think many other students will address. When they wave their South Vietnam flags alongside the American one, I wonder what they endured during the communist takeover of Vietnam. Sure, I know some songs from the radio, but I don’t quite have a favorite artist or even a favorite genre yet.This can include: I served free, healthy lunches to kids at the library and saved their parents a little money.Additionally, I helped mom with a business law class for a job she’s pursuing.Refusing to let up, I planned on teaching myself some of the content before the next year started. As the author explained VSEPR theory, I was amazed at how the simple geometric shapes I’d been learning since elementary school could explain the repulsion between electron clouds.That summer, I read two chapters a day in pure awe.Chemistry was my first experience blending math with science.Now that I’ve been introduced to physics, biology, and calculus, the interconnectedness of these subjects inspires higher pursuit within me.Chemistry was the first science class that challenged me to visualize abstract concepts on a completely new scale while incorporating the problem solving and logical deduction that I loved from math. Rather than following a list of directions, I brought theory to life by testing the properties of chemical reactions.Science was no longer about memorizing facts; it became discovery and application.


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