Stand By Me Rob Reiner Essay

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There is the diagetic sound of birds singing which also gives off the feeling this car is in the middle of nowhere which gets the veiwer thinking 'why is this car here and nothing else is? It then goes onto a closer veiw of the car which is now midshot.

You can hear soft and relaxing music playing in the background.

Honestly, I'd like to be some sort of real-life version of Gordie, because, like he did, I've realized that being thoughtful, smart, sincere and generous is what really means something.

In any film the opening scene is one of the most important scenes as it helps the veiwer know if it's worth watching or not.

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When I was little, long before I had any ambitions to venture into a profession, I wanted to be a hero. I would do something profound, and then someone in the universe would think me to be of the utmost importance for the rest of my existence.

“It speaks volumes for what the whole film is about,” he says.

“It is a time capsule.” There’s something bittersweet about reminiscing on one’s childhood to discover those really were special times, but it’s not until we become older and wiser and more aware of ourselves that we can appreciate the beauty of innocence.

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