Smoking Reflection Essay

Last but not least, smoking could damage the immune system. Therefore, as stated in the lecture: “Even though tobacco kills the half of its loyal consumers, it could be a warning so as to keep away from death”!Indeed, when the immune system starts getting weaker, the risks of stimulating tumors become higher! In other words, people shall stay away from smoking!

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The second lecture that took place the same day was about the consumption of drugs.

According to the lecturer, the civilizations share one thing in common: “they wish if one day they could propel themselves into the world of spirits”.

Starting by the first one, the lecturer stressed on three main components of smoking: Attitude, habitude and dependence.

Initially, we can identify a pre-smoker through his attitude, seeing as a beginning of smoking.

In other words, the pre-smoker tempts to adopt the “adults’ model”.

Knowing that a great many of adults tend to smoke, teenagers feel tempted to incorporate their “fancy” attitude, as they may believe.

Reaction Paper on Smoking The lecture held on the 27th October 2010 about smoking.

This lecture was divided into 4 sub lectures that highlight the effects of smoking on the health.


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