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From that point will be addressed Social Function of Company, is the fact that according to this research suggests that, because we will analyze the importance of ME and EPP for the economy as regards the fight against informality.Finally, a chapter on the final considerations will gather the most relevant aspects of research in an ultimately trying to use all information submitted during the research to achieve the objectives.Understanding how the institution of ME and EPP can provide extremely positive results in combating informality.

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In the same vein the survey also includes a brief history of the ME and EPP to better understand the context in which these companies have sprung up allowing also to understand how all this reached significance in the world and also in the country.Some actions by the government are described and the need for change.This research then aims to address the micro and small businesses as an alternative to combat informality in Brazil and its negative effects.The concept of informality, as will be shown during this survey covers more than just the picture mentioned above, informality can be linked to illegal practices related to tax evasion, to obtain advantages for financial gain through the failure to fully respect the laws taxation.The research, however, focuses only on informal work as a marginalized economic activity that causes damage to the country and workers.Finally, we will stick to the informality that can be lowered, or as suggested by the title of the research, countered by the incentives, preparation, creation of a structure more favorable to the proliferation of Micro (ME) and Small Business (EPP) by encouraging entrepreneurship and the solidification of a system that allows creation and especially the survival of these companies.These companies that have great potential for growth of formal employment, enabling a more equitable revenue and giving the guarantees essential to the tranquility of Brazilian workers.The smaller the company, the greater the functional differentiation (Dieste, 1997).As you increase the size of the company and its management becomes more complex, there is necessarily a greater division of labor leading to specialization of functions and therefore to a decentralization of responsibilities.That is currently the level of taxes in the country is not compatible with the government's actions with regard to the destination, the use of funds raised.The framework described certainly does not come with the proposal of the research, defended the idea here.


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