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Learn from their feedback whilst getting new ideas and inspiration for your own assignment.

The thing that upsets me more than the thought of someone buying an essay is the apparent collusion that goes on between a lot of people.... What we also have to remember is that, although this has been posted in University discussion, these sites may also sell A-Level and GCSE essays which vary very little in their subject matter and wording.

This means that all a student has to do is change the wording slightly to match the new question. I don't particularly like it myself but it is welcomed by the education community (including some schools) as the references are there to see on the site and, yes, they are genuine as far as I'm aware.

If a student were to submit one of these essays as their own it is likely they will be caught.

It might stll be a grey area and something you don't agree with but it is not a custom essay writing site (which are deplorable) The key difference is the these essays on coursework info are pre-written, not always the same essay question, and have been submitted to plagiarism software.

I don't have any ethical objects to sites like coursework info because work is submitted to databases that are used to check for plagiarism and these sites are simply providing another learning resource, not an individualised writing service.

I think the amount of effort anyone would have to go to in order to get away with cheating like this at university really defeats the whole point in cheating anyway. Yes, I agree that pre-written essays are more deplorable than sites which take jobs directly, but both can be used for the same process.

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