Should Assault Weapons Be Banned Essay

Should Assault Weapons Be Banned Essay-7
Guns don’t kill people, people choose to kill others.

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First, an assault-weapons ban is irrelevant to suicide deaths.

The large majority of gun deaths are suicides, and there is no credible argument that an assault-weapons ban will have the slightest effect on suicide.

Rifles of all kinds kill fewer people annually than knives or even feet or fists.

An assault-weapons ban (really a ban on future sales; proposed laws would not take a single so-called assault weapon off the streets) would be aimed at a firearm that is rarely used to kill.

In reality, the move to ban AR-15s rests on a different idea — the notion that the ban will possibly decrease the lethality of any given mass shooting.

Aside from the most unusual circumstances (such as the Las Vegas shooting), this is speculative.

We know it would burden the self-defense rights of law-abiding Americans without meaningfully addressing the problems it’s purportedly designed to address.

We know it wouldn’t impact overall gun death rates.

With these reasons I will explain to show that the federal government should not ban automatic weapons.

One of the reasons I stand behind not allowing the federal government to ban automatic weapons because under the constitution, the Second Amendment states “A well-regulated militia, Some of the strictest gun controlled states in the US have the highest crime rates, because normal people have less protection.


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