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This is as true for a draft discussion post as it is for a draft assignment paper.

This is as true for a draft discussion post as it is for a draft assignment paper.

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So now we see that a piece of scholarly writing (the green resultant volume or space) is an interaction between the content (conceptual footprint), the level of critical thinking in the post, its affective tone (feeling tone) and the quality of writing (style, syntax & grammar).

As an example of analysis, it is possible to use a variety of content analysis tools to identify themes in collections of articles or discussion forum posts. Visit upload one or more text files saved from any discussion forum thread and Voyant Tools will instantly display various views of either a single post or an aggregation of posts (called a corpus).

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a Some Outcomes section and Exercises.) 1.

Deeper, More Pervasive Impediments to Critical Thinking. The Experience of Learning to Think Things Through.

Slightly disturbing, is that this is seen even if the confirming evidence is flimsy or yet the disconfirming evidence is rock-solid. In the grand scheme of things, confirmation bias often results from a lack of critical thinking.

Learning and Development (L&D) professionals, in their desire to support and satisfy their internal clients, can fall into this trap. Assume a business unit (BU) leader has concluded that account managers don’t leverage all of their tools to analyze their business. At family reunions or other gatherings—like over the Holidays—my family has a rule: No politics.We generally try to avoid topics that might cause disagreements. You and your family might thrive on lively debates.When visiting the beta site, you will see the screen shown in Figure 3.Here you can see I selected multiple files, then clicked the Open button in my File Explorer.Here’s a quick summary: Hopefully, this article provides some useful guidance regarding confirmation bias and how to avoid it.We’ll probably never be able to convince your Uncle Fred to change his mind, but we just might be able to help you develop more effective learning programs.When a writer takes their own experience and blends it with supporting primary source articles, and generates a new idea or potential application, it is an example of synthesis.When writers evaluate the primary sources that they use to substantiate their writing, or when they self-assess the level and quality of their writing, those would be examples of evaluation.Have you ever experienced a situation in which your debate partner just would not…could not…be moved by any degree of evidence, reasoning, or facts? In such a situation, your debate partner might be exhibiting confirmation bias.Confirmation bias is the tendency to seek out information that confirms one’s preexisting conclusions.


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