Scientific Approach To Problem Solving

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This shifted the diagnosis, knocking out the toxic chemical angle because it doesn't spark tumors.

Eventually, Dhaliwal uncovered a robust pattern, diagnosing Andreas with a cardiac angiosarcoma, or heart cancer. “Diagnosing often comes down the ability to pull things together,” he said. But at the same time, it was clear that a more focused approach to problem solving can make a clear difference.

Dhaliwal had a few strong pieces of evidence that supported the theory including some odd-looking red blood cells.

But Dhaliwal wasn't comfortable with the level of proof.

It was likely to be cheaper and equally comfortable.

In other words, it was the solution that best matched the problem.Then came an x-ray, an HIV test, and as each bit of evidence rolled in, Dhaliwal detailed various scenarios, assembling the data in different ways.“To diagnosis, sometimes we are trying to lump, and sometimes trying to split,” he said.This video provides a brief, factual account of the groundbreaking work of Robin Warren and Barry Marshall and their discovery of the bacterial cause of peptic ulcer disease.Their story is a concrete example of the "Scientific Process" in practice.It was at a medical conference, and Dhaliwal stood at a dais as a fellow doctor explained the case: Basically, a man came into ER one day—let’s call him Andreas—and he spat up blood, could not breath very well, and had a slight fever.At the start of the process, Dhaliwal recommends developing a one-sentence description of the problem. “You want a concise summary,” and in this case, it was: Sixty-eight-year-old man with hemoptysis, or coughing up blood.For most of us, problem solving is one of those everyday activities that we do without much thought.But it turns out that many common approaches like brainstorming don’t have much research behind them.If we’re more aware of how we approach an issue, we are better able to resolve the issue.This idea explains why people who talk to themselves are more effective at problem solving. As for Dhaliwal, he had yet another problem to solve after his diagnosis of Andreas: Should he take an Uber to the airport? After a little thought, Dhaliwal decided on an Uber.


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