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Due to the increase in human population, meat consumption has increased five-fold in the past 50 years, and so, the amount of greenhouse gases has also greatly increased.This is why scientists are telling us that the quickest way to mitigate global warming is to eat vegetarian.Mother Earth sustains all life on it, including us humans.

World Watch Institute has reported that 51% of greenhouse gases are attributed to livestock and their byproducts1.

If we can cut down on our meat consumption, we can help reduce the problem.

In Taiwan, a volunteer who was running a very lucrative business selling disposable tableware closed it down, forgoing the profit. These are people who love the environment and Mother Nature.

They're making adjustments to their lives so they can better protect the Earth.

Crops are destroyed as a result of drought or flooding, leading to food shortages and famine.

People lose their lives and their homes as a result of natural disasters.Despite the call by the United Nations to industrialized nations to cut down on their greenhouse gas emissions, in the past few years, we've seen a continued increase of greenhouse gases.If this goes on, our planet will continue undergoing destruction, jeopardizing the lives of all creatures, including us humans. Did you know that eating meat contributes to over half of the greenhouse gases?When the number of livestock is reduced, greenhouse gases associated with raising animals will also reduce.Therefore, to help our planet and the whole of mankind, it's necessary that we eat vegetarian and encourage other people to do it too.By eating vegetarian, our demand for meat will decrease.Hence, farms won't need to raise so many livestock.Beautiful planet undergoing destruction Our Earth is a very beautiful planet.Among all the planets in the universe, the Earth is the loveliest, with mountains, oceans, and all manner of environments, each a home to many kinds of creatures.Mother Nature can no longer provide a safe environment for us to live in.Global warming is causing natural disasters to happen more frequently.


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