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But how will this be possible when being "resourceful" is placed ahead of being responsible?

Some are also wonderfully - and intentionally - hilarious.

Every year, though, there are a handful of instances where inconsistencies in voice or syntax trigger a different kind of attention.

This is not to suggest that students not turn to their parents, teachers, and counselors for guidance in these matters, any more than one would suggest that historians not turn to the scholars whose valuable research precedes their own.

But there is a world of difference between helping a student write a better application essay and writing it for them.

The sum of the elements, however, should provide a reasonable estimation of the student's potential for academic success at that institution.

Candidates' essays are often the distinguishing component because they identify qualities and capabilities that aren't recognizable in other parts of the application.

The lion's share of essays are impressively insightful and original.

Often, students are articulate about their interests and aspirations.

Included is the inference that the parents can and should reinvent their children, as if this is a chance to correct all the real or imagined disappointments of the past 17 or 18 years.

We need a moral contract between parents and their children when it comes to writing these essays.


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