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These are then referenced in your bibliography in alphabetical order.The following is the structure of a reference for a book in APA style: Ensure that you collect the information required for your reference when conducting your research and always ensure that you use a consistent style within your work.The following is a typical APA style literature review outline and what should be included within each section of your review: The main body sections:☆ What are the common themes present within the sources you have reviewed ☆ How do these themes relate to the subject and your specific topic ☆ Move from a wide view and narrow down to your specific question ☞Knowing what to research and where is a vital part of your literature review.

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The following steps and tips will help you to organize your research and writing so that you will be able to submit work to the highest standards: The literature review is far more than just a summary of the sources that you have looked at.

You need to critically assess what you have written.

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The "literature" refers to the works that you are putting in a conversation with each other to explain your research topic.

Without a solid interest in the subject, you will find it hard to maintain your reading.

☞ Do your research in places others than simply the internet.The goal in your literature review is to synthesize and draw connections between the key points in the located on the "Ready Reference Shelves," behind the Reference Desk. Click on the tabs above for APA Format Examples (from Skyline Library), or click on the following links for more information. The Writing Center at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Instructed Second Language Acquisitio: A Literature Review. of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method London School of Economics.The following tips will help you with conducting your research correctly: ☞ Have a clear topic area and research question.This needs to be something that is important to your subject area as well as being of interest to you.It can, therefore, be an almost impossible task to find the information that you are looking for.Understand the Structure of Your Literature Review Knowing how all of the different parts of a literature review fit together and how to get everything correctly formatted is very important if you want to have your review completed successfully.The different parts of a literature review fit together in much the same way as any essay.However, you may be using some 20% of the overall word count of your final paper on your literature review.


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