Romeo And Juliet Essay On Act 1 Scene 5

There are five main characters in the scene, firstly there is Romeo Montague.In Act 1 Scene 5, he is displayed to be mesmerised by Juliet's beauty as he catches sight of her, he praises her beauty: "O she doth teach the torches to burn bright.

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In Shakespeare's era, pride respect and honour were very important, therefore this is showing that Capulet doesn't want a fight at the feast as he wants to protect the family name.

As he is head of the Capulet family, he is of a higher status thus meaning he talks in blank verse and rhymed verse.

If I were to direct Capulet, I would have him wear royal blue clothing to represent him to be serious and important.

I would have his tone stay calm and firm throughout this scene but make it change slightly to an angry tone to show his frustration at his nephew.

Overall, Act 1 Scene 5 is a vital scene in the play, 'Romeo and Juliet' as Shakespeare answers the questions of the audience from the prologue.

Romeo And Juliet Essay On Act 1 Scene 5

He has entwined all the themes into this one scene, so that you can see the contrast and perhaps guess what is to happen.Religious references are used to compare Juliet to the pleasantries of religion, seemingly elevating Juliet almost out of the mortal world in Romeo’s eyes.Furthermore, his deference to Juliet in describing his own unworthiness serves to highlight what can be seen as Romeo’s insecurity in his own person.Furthermore, he does not use direct imperatives to order Tybalt as he is his nephew but he does question Tybalt and his respect for him: "the which if thou respect", this shows that he expects to be respected and followed as he knows he is in charge but doesn't not want to anger Tybalt further by ordering him about.This may suggest that he cares about his family's pride, so the theme of family is represented in this scene.One of the key ways that Romeo and Juliet became a classic is because it is dramatically effective.One of the key scenes of the play, Act 1 Scene 5 is a strong example of a scene that is dramatically effective.Also, coming into the scene there are expectations – Juliet will judge Paris; Romeo will try to cheer up and find This edge helps make the scene dramatic.Next is the meeting between Romeo and Juliet where they speak to each other for the first time.I feel that this way the audience then and now would be able to see clearly who is in charge and important. She is very close to Juliet; however she is not actually a Capulet. Conclusion This may be because of his own views on how marriage and love worked or perhaps to make the play dramatic and really draw the audience in as it may relate to them or seem absurd.Furthermore, you can see that as Romeo and Juliet's love grows stronger, the hate grows as well as the tension, and ultimately this leads to the loss of many lives.


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