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The top of the cylinder has a hole in the middle, called an oculus. In ancient times, the outside walls had colored marble on them. The only natural light that enters the Pantheon goes through the oculus from the top and through the bronze doors at the bottom.This results in patterns of light that change throughout the day because of the suns movements.

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Trace the development of the basilica through the period of 1050-1200 discussing in detail the modifications and inventions of specific features of these buildings.

The word basilica was originally used to denote a large public building in ancient Rome which was used for general community purposes such as holding markets and dispensing justice to the assembled people.

The monuments in those times were built in such a fashion that people used to come and visit them frequently. This paper will examine how Roman Architecture transformed into Christian Architecture.

These monuments became a symbol of architecture for the Romans later on. Roman Architecture had specific structural features. The Roman Architecture was influenced by the Etruscans and the Greeks.

This marble helped them become the great architectural city that we see even in present times.

Later on, in the first century AD, the Romans began to use concrete in greater use.

The use of columns and arches helped Romans to significantly increase the size of structures.

Romans started by improving the inventions of the previous civilizations but set new standards in all types of construction and engineering.

In these locations, many beautiful pieces of Greek buildings and designs can be found. Monuments and Infrastructure in the Roman Architecture In ancient times the monuments were of great significance and the Romans were specially known for their monuments. Little is known about the Etruscans, but many Roman structures were built on Etruscans ruins.

In the Republican period a monument known as the Forum was quite famous for the political activities that went throughout the place. Just like the Romans built on Etruscans ruins, when Christianity spread, many Roman temples and structures were converted into Christian Churches and structures.


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