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States with two of these measures had 13-percent lower rates, and those with just one had 6-percent lower rates. Over the study period, more than 350,000 homicides were committed in America. Especially effective are measures that restrict the access of people with a history of violence.

States with two of these measures had 13-percent lower rates, and those with just one had 6-percent lower rates. Over the study period, more than 350,000 homicides were committed in America. Especially effective are measures that restrict the access of people with a history of violence.Certain kinds of gun-control measures have more public support than others.And a meta-analysis of more than 130 studies across 10 nations found strong evidence of the same.

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It’s not just that gun control works—and it does, according to the study—it’s that particular kinds of gun-control measures are significantly more effective than others.

In fact, three types of restrictions are most effective, individually and in combination, in reducing the overall homicide rate.

Law provides no discretion to law enforcement in deciding whether to grant a concealed-carry permit.

In other words, a permit must be issued unless the applicant meets pre-established disqualifying criteria.

Measures that prohibit people who committed a violent crime from owning a handgun are associated with an even larger reduction in homicide, 18 percent.

Conversely, requiring police to approve concealed-carry permits unless the applicant meets explicitly stated exclusion criteria—so-called “shall-issue” laws—are associated with a nearly 10 percent Four types of laws were associated with the suicide rate, but only two had statistically significant relationships with it after controlling for all 10: permitless carry laws and bans on junk guns (these laws prohibit the sale of handguns that fail to meet certain safety requirements).

In particular, a number of quantitative studies tend towards demonstrating a firearm prevalence-homicide association." In 1983, a cross-sectional study of all 50 U. states found that the six states with the strictest gun laws (according to the National Rifle Association) had suicide rates that were approximately 3/100,000 people lower than in other states, and that these states' suicide rates were 4/100,000 people lower than those of states with the least restrictive gun laws. and the District of Columbia, and found that no gun laws were associated with reductions in firearm homicide or suicide, but that a "shall-issue" concealed carry law may be associated with increased firearm homicide rates.

A 2003 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine looked at the restrictiveness of gun laws and suicide rates in men and women in all 50 U. states and found that states whose gun laws were more restrictive had lower suicide rates among both sexes. A 2016 study published in The Lancet found that of 25 laws studied, and in the time period examined (2008–2010), nine were associated with reduced firearm mortality (including both homicide and suicide), nine were associated with increased mortality, and seven had an inconclusive association.

For example, a large majority of Americans support universal background checks, including a whopping 97 percent of people in gun-owning households.

Meanwhile, just two-thirds of Americans and roughly half of people in gun-owning households support assault-weapons bans.


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