Research Papers For Intermediate Students

The summary should provide a brief description of the participants, methods, result, and conclusions.

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Thus, the professor may require two assignments of this type or require a second short paper, such as a short research report based on a class project.

This paper is to expand students’ skills for summarizing, evaluating, and integrating research findings.

What confounding variables may have influenced the findings?

Was there good correspondence between the evidence and their conclusions?

The article you summarized should be attached after the reference page.

This paper can be completed over a two-week interval, with week 1 devoted to identifying and reading articles, and week 2 devoted to writing the review.Computer searches on Psyc INFO are very useful, but the sources they identify may not necessarily be closely related to each other.Examining literature reviews and reference sections of a central article (or several potential central articles) can help ensure that your search for closely related articles is complete. (Due: End of week two) The annotated bibliography is a road map for your paper.Are there any limitations to the work that the authors didn't mention?How generalizable are the findings, and what type of research is likely to build on these findings?Professors Sue Astley and Carol Enns Consulting Librarian Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh The following assignments are designed to build psychology literacy and writing skills through a sequence of writing assignments appropriate for introductory, intermediate, and upper-level content courses in psychology.The 100 Level assignment would be appropriate for a standard introductory survey of psychology as a discipline, requiring students to pick a particular topic area and critique a research article focused upon the selected topic.The questions you may address include the following: In general, how effectively was the study conducted?More specifically, how representative was the sample, and how reliable and valid were the measures?Depending on the specific course, the number of papers a professor is requiring, and the nature of research published in the specific area (e.g., complexity, typical number of research articles per article), the assignment might require the integration of 2-3 sources or 6-7 sources.: During the first week of the term, the social sciences librarian will conduct a workshop on the use of Psyc INFO (the major research database in psychology), Psyc ARTICLES (full-text on-line articles in psychology), and interlibrary loan options.


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