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Energy-Efficient Systems: With the explosive growth in mobile devices, there has been a push towards increasing energy efficiency of computation for longer battery life.

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These tradeoffs need to be explicitly accounted for when designing control algorithms that use such sensors.

The distributed and multicore processing platforms on which control algorithms are implemented today also defy the traditional view of a centralized controller that has a synchronized access to all sensors, can compute all control inputs instantaneously, and can provide all actuations synchronously.

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Systems that benefit from a tight coupling of the modeling and analysis of physical plants and the hardware/software systems that control such plants are referred to as Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

Our researchers work on all aspects of asynchronous design, including circuits, architectures, and CAD tools.

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A key area of interest is application to network-on-a-chip for integration of multiple heterogeneous cores.As we are rapidly moving towards the design of autonomous systems, such a disciplined approach towards the design and implementation of control algorithms, as promoted by CPS, is increasingly becoming important.The presence of complex sensors, like cameras, radars, and lidars – that are today common in autonomous cars, drones, or robots – introduce large processing delays, and offer different tradeoffs between accuracy, delay and resource requirements.Molecular Structure Modeling and Analysis: Diverse biological function is encoded in the atomic structure of macro-molecules such as Proteins and RNA.Understanding the sequence to structure to function relationships allows biochemists to predict the activity of genes and rationally design genes with novel biological function.The advances in high-throughput genotyping and sequencing have generated massive amounts of data that allow genome-wide analysis to be performed at much finer resolution than before, but at the same time posed great computational challenges.We have investigated a wide range of problems including haplotype inference, imputation, genome-wide association study, alternative splicing analysis, copy number variation detection, methylation, genome annotation and visualization.A special focus in our department has been on the development of energy-efficient graphics hardware.Another area of future interest is energy-harvesting systems, which are ultra-low-power systems that operate on energy scavenged from the environment.The goal of computer vision is to extract information from visual data and help computers understand the visual world.Vision algorithms increasingly impact our everyday lives.


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