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[tags: A Raisin in the Sun] - A Raisin in the Sun Everyone encounters struggle and “ain’t nobody bothering you” but yourself (1872).Many African Americans encounter hardships and conflict in their own lives because of their race.The play explores issues of race, class, gender, as well as age as elements that impact the barriers that individuals face in society.

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A collection of twenty-two essays on female American playwrights, with a full chapter devoted to Hansberry. “Lorraine Hansberry and the Passion of Walter Lee.” , Walter Lee Younger.

- Though the United States recognizes a person as an adult at the age of eighteen, human brains take longer to fully develop.

Hansberry's work is a very provocative one and much comes out of it.

I think that one of the most powerful themes in the work is the discussion of forms of social stratification in modern society.

In this play, she is able to effectively show the big impact that even small decisions can make on a family.

Hansberry shows the many different attachments that come with the fulfillment of this American Dream....The notion of upward mobility is something that is examined as a part of the American Dream and what it means to be "successful." The Younger family is unique in that their idea of accomplishing the American Dream of moving into Clybourne Park is also concurrent with them becoming more close as a family.The play forces us to ponder the flip side to this equation.Hansberry is wise enough to make the reader question what would happen if a family had to choose one of the elements over the other and the difficulties that are posed in such a setting.I think that there is another topic brought out in the play as to whether it is a work of comedy or tragedy.In this light, one can make a case for the work to be comedic in that the Younger family's struggles are validated, and much like the plant, they will grow.Yet, there can be a tragic condition offered in that there are many more families that do not experience the success of the Youngers.Walter Lee Younger, a chauffeur with a wife and son, wants to buy a liquor store. In “Lorraine Hansberry: Artist, Activist, Feminist,” Margaret Wilkerson stresses Hansberry’s early awareness of the connection that exists between racism and sexism. Beneatha, his younger sister, wants to go to medical school. In this generally complimentary biography, Cheney cites both Paul Robeson (as political radical) and Langston Hughes (as poet of his people) as major influences on Hansberry. She also makes the point that Hansberry understood and tried to dramatize the difference between Lena’s notion of material advance for the family and Walter Lee’s crass materialism. Hansberry’s husband and executor of her estate has put together bits and pieces of her work—published and unpublished—letters, autobiographical statements, and speeches—which give a clear picture of this extraordinary woman. Part of a series subtitled “They Found a Way,” this biography written for young readers stresses events in the playwright’s life which show her determination to succeed. The first of the two full-length works which Hansberry lived to complete, the play is one of the most widely known literary creations by a black American. She makes the Youngers more than typical American blacks; they are members of the universal family of those who strive to realize their dreams.


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