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Only important features which are deemed to influence the study are described. The target population may be discussed in this section. This describes the research mode chosen by the proponents.

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As much as possible, research findings and theories should be correct. The conceptual framework is the schematic diagram which shows the variables included in the study. Arrows and/or lines should be properly placed and connected between boxes to show the relationship between the independent and dependent variables. The manner by which the independent and dependent (including the moderating variable/s if any) variables will influence the results of the study must be clearly discussed by the proponents. An operational framework only becomes necessary if some variables from the conceptual framework will be omitted by the proponents to fit the study being undertaken. Like a conceptual framework, the operational framework must also show arrows and/or lines which clearly depict the relationship between the specific variables included in the study. In this section, the researchers offer a hypothesis or an educated guess as to what the possible answer is to the research problem identified.

It is important to note that this hypothesis has to be empirically proven or statistically tested for veracity. For certain studies which do not require a hypothesis to be made, a proposition may instead be made by the researchers.

It is worth putting in careful thought at this stage: it will mean that the project is more likely to run smoothly in the long run, and much of what you write in it can eventually be recycled into the final thesis write-up.

The proposal is also needed for NHS ethics applications.

findings which are closely related to the present study under investigation.

It is in this framework where the present research problem under study evolved. Authors of these theories and principles must be cited properly by the proponents.


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