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Assignments prepare students for exams There is no doubt that this is arguably the main point that teachers will give regarding the school work they assign to students.

Assignments prepare students for exams There is no doubt that this is arguably the main point that teachers will give regarding the school work they assign to students.

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Small amounts of homework set as a routine prepares them for high-school when homework is unfortunately in abundance. Ultimately the goal of homework is to consolidate the basic skills that the children learn at school.

If the homework is well constructed and hopefully enjoyable for the child then there are definitely benefits, both in the consolidation of basic skills and just as importantly in the confidence that kids get when they get to school and find that they €œDO€ know the answers to the questions.

The case of whether tuition learning is necessary or unnecessary has pitted parents against teacher many times without number with the former arguing that, while at home, students are supposed to rest from daily school work so they don’t see the need of taking school work at home.

As some parents may want to argue, having loads of assignments to do at home every weekend make their children socially inactive in which case they have no time to go out and play.

Well, as many as the pros and cons may seem to be, there are particular ones which need an after-thought and perhaps a comprehensive evaluation as to where homework for students should be totally scrapped off or retained altogether.

In this article, we take a dive in some of these pertinent issues and we start by looking at the pros of assignments.The App enables kids to sing their times tables along to well-known tracks from artists such as One Direction, P! It provides an active and motivating way to learn and has already delivered impressive results for thousands of kids.There has already been fantastic feedback from parents saying that the dreaded homework routine is now something they look forward to and really enjoy.Families can even rock out in the car together - Maths really does ROCK!Available on i Phone and Android devices: £7.99 for 11 songs.From the thousands of comments received from parents, children and teachers, we're finding that Maths Rockx is seen as a reward rather than work!The App also has a multi-levelled quiz to further consolidate the learning, plus a multiple playlist feature which allows families to choose which songs they want to play, and in which order.In this regard, the advantages and disadvantages of school work assignments which students are supposed to do at home have always emerged as central issues pitting two vehemently disagreeing parties against each other.While parents have more often than not seen the exercise as largely a waste of time, teachers on the other end have a backing for their actions and the debate rages on.More study & practice makes students better understand points included in their lessons.However, some school & college children do not feel okay with the after-class assignments they get.


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