Propoganda During Wwii Thesis

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Americans detested the Japanese the most, for only they had had the effrontery to attack the United States directly, sinking ships, killing sailors, and embarrassing American pretenses to alertness and combat adequacy (Typecasting pg. Fussel also wrote, Among the Allies the Japanese were also known as jackals or monkey-men or sub-humans Personnel of the United States Marine Corps sought to popularize the term Japes (Japs apes) (Typecasting pg. Both Germany and The United States used the art of film to persuade their countries to participate in the war and movie makers played a big part in making films that fulfilled these acts of propaganda.Herzstein wrote, The lifelike pictures, the powerful marches, the songs, the music, and the language are the expression of a new age which was molded by the boundless will to life of a nation united in National Socialism (Hitler Won, pg. Companies used the power of propaganda to advertise their products and to promote a sense of nationalism and they were victorious on all fronts because again, Americans wanted to help out in every way and advertisers gave them these chances through the sale of petty products.

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Due to the art of propaganda, most of the citizens from each country during World War II were acting participants because it lit a fire in everyones stomachs to help their countrys cause in whatever way possible.

This poster of two young men working on an engine promotes the citizens of America to work harder so the army has more materials, implying that even normal citizens can take part in the war even if they are not fighting.

The hostility to the intellect of the little doctor, his contempt for the human race in general and the Jews in particular, and his complete cynicism were an expression of his own intellectual self-hatred and inferiority complexes, his overwhelming need to destroy everything sacred and ignite the same feelings of rage, despair and hatred in his listeners (

Goebbels promoted the views that all of Germany should be Aryan (blonde hair, blue eyes, etc.) and this lead to a lot of propagandist posters that aimed at recruits for the Nazi party an also the disgust of others who didnt fall under these characteristics.

Propaganda—information that is intended to persuade an audience to accept a particular idea or cause, often by using biased material or by stirring up emotions—was one of the most powerful tools the Nazis used to accomplish these goals. The word itself was coined by the Catholic Church to describe its efforts to discredit Protestant teachings in the 1600s.

Over the years, almost every nation has used propaganda to unite its people in wartime.Propaganda was one of the most important tools the Nazis used to shape the beliefs and attitudes of the German public.Through posters, film, radio, museum exhibits, and other media, they bombarded the German public with messages designed to build support for and gain acceptance of their vision for the future of Germany.Goebbels wrote in his diary, "no one can say your propaganda is too rough, too mean; these are not criteria by which it may be characterized.It ought not be decent nor ought it be gentle or soft or humble; it ought to lead to success." that to achieve its purpose, propaganda must "be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.The year was 1939; the Nazi party, led by Adolf Hitler, was in power and Europe was in a state of distress and soon the whole world would be involved in a war that would devastate mankind for generations to come.These men and women played an important role in drawing up certain beliefs about their enemies and the war by spreading these types of thoughts to their fellow citizens to bring some type of unity for their nation.When one thinks of how many people participated in the war, they probably only think of how many soldiers fought in the war and how many casualties there were.Due to the art of propaganda, most of the citizens from each country during World War II were acting participants because it lit a fire in everyone’s stomachs to help their country’s cause in whatever way possible.The gallery of images below exhibits several examples of Nazi propaganda, and the introduction that follows explores the history of propaganda and how the Nazis sought to use it to further their goals.Introduction to the Visual Essay The readings in this chapter describe the Nazis’ efforts to consolidate their power and create a German “national community” in the mid-1930s.


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