Problem Solving With Multiplication

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This lets us know if our actual answer makes sense. We can round 62 to 60, making it much easier for us to get an estimate in our heads. You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.We know that 60 times 8 is 480; therefore, our answer should be close to 480. Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.The effect of these learning exercises on problem-solving was evaluated by a problem-solving pre-test and post-test presented to the subjects in both groups.

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He told me that if he didn’t make any stops and always maintained the same speed of 80 miles per hour, he would complete his route in exactly 2 hours. In order to solve this word problem, we ought to think: if he maintains a speed of 80 miles per hour, it will mean that each hour he drives he covers 80 miles.

We also know that he drives at this speed for 2 hours.

How many different pasta and sauce combinations could you choose from?

In order to solve the word problem, we ought to think: we could combine each type of pasta with 11 available types of sauce.

You'll find out what words in a problem indicate multiplication as well as be given practice problems to try on your own. Well, there is a clue in the problem that helps us to determine that. If he can deliver 62 newspapers each hour, how many papers can he deliver in 8 hours? How many gallons of milk are produced in 108 months?

This is an example of a multiplication word problem.

Forty-eight students took part in the experiment: the 29 subjects of the experimental group were divided into small groups of about 5 subjects in each and had to perform various learning exercises.

The aim of these exercises was essentially to improve skills in analyzing and processing certain expressions frequently included in the statements of addition and multiplication problems.

the number on the bottom was 432) we would add two zeros in the next row and then multiply 469 by 4.

After we have multiplied all the numbers on the bottom, we add up the rows of numbers to get the answer.


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