Problem Solving Approach In Education

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In other words, in order to successfully find a solution to the problem, students will need both their reading and mathematical skills.

Understanding how to choose an operation can be difficult for many students, especially for students who struggle with reading.

This includes knowledge acquisition, enhanced group collaboration and communication.

The PBL process was developed for medical education and has since been broadened in applications for other programs of learning.The finding a pattern strategy is when students look for patterns in order to solve the problem.Students would read the problem, then look for any numbers, items, or series of events that are repeated throughout that problem.Do you have any different strategies that work well for your classroom?If so, please share your ideas in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you.They also notice the patterns when they look at a hundreds chart. To teach students the finding a pattern strategy, you can start by putting students into cooperative learning groups.Give each group a word problem to solve, and show them they can use this strategy by completing this steps.This is because sometimes they may think it is one thing, when it’s actually another.The best way for students to practice this is to give them some tricky problems that have too much information in them, and they have to weed out the bad information to find the real information.This strategy involves deciding which mathematical operation students will use (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or a combination of operations).When choosing a mathematical operation, students will need the ability to understand the literal meaning of the sentence, as well as understand how to express the meaning mathematically.


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