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V or in movies, but it's actually more diverse than you"d guess from popular dramas in general, police officers enforce the statutes, laws and regulations that are created by government to protect life and property.But the actual life of a police officer is spend on responding to crimes in progress, patrolling assigned areas to maintain public safety, interviewing witnesses and suspects, apprehending fugitives, collecting evidence, writing reports and providing testimony in court.

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A decision to become a police officer is not an easy one.

Not only because it involves a lot of risky and dangerous situations, but because it puts a great responsibility on you.

“When young men and women begin their law enforcement careers as police officers, they have no idea just how many pitfalls lay before them.

Too many new police officers listen to bad advice, and they develop bad working habits” (Baker, 2006).

You definitely have to think hard before you take a decision.

It’s well known that many young people’s police officer carriers end soon after they get started.

Being a police officer is not just a job, even though it implies salary.

It grants you an enormous power that is comparable to only few other government officials’ authority.

Police officer is an official employee of the police force.

“Police officers help to prevent crime and disorder, and uphold the law” (Security and Armed Forces, 2009).


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